Wholesome Recreation.

I grew up in a family that is SUPER close. We are each others best friends and love spending time with each other. I believe this is due to the fact that we were continually doing fun, wholesome recreational activities as a family. We just love spending time together and it has helped our relationships grow. I always loved being at a gymnastics meet or a track meet and seeing my whole family in the stands supporting me. Just thinking back on those memories makes me so happy and thankful for the family I have. Supporting each other at events, going camping, playing family games, or even just getting together to talk are all things my family did and still does. Each of these things are wholesome and bring my family closer. I’m so lucky to live so close to all of my family! I’m also lucky to have a husband that enjoys doing wholesome recreation activities. It helps us grow closer as a couple and makes me excited for when our children are older and we can include them as well. In this post I want to share how wholesome recreational activities affect marriages.

There are many benefits that wholesome recreational activities have on marriages. Research shows that joint activities are the best ways for couples to come closer together. Mark A Widmer says,

“Joint activities involve high levels of communication and interdependence. Examples include canoeing, tennis, chess, and rock climbing. Research suggests that joint activities lead to the highest marital satisfaction.”

Wholesome recreation is important in a marriage because it helps to give a couple ways to bond. It is true that you don’t have to have the same exact interests as your spouse in order to have a successful marriage, but I think it is important to have some of the same interests in activities in order to create that bond. If there is even one activity that you can share together it will help to build your marriage. However, it is ok to not have any in common because you can always support each other with the activities you enjoy and you can create or discover new activities that you both enjoy and start doing them. My husband and I had many things in common, but one thing we both really enjoy doing is going camping. We make sure to go camping every summer. We even brought our two month old son camping with us! It was a blast. This is an activity that is wholesome and brings us closer and it is something we can do with our children too. My husband and I have also discovered that we love to go mini golfing together. This wasn’t something we had in common when we first met. We ended up playing one night and decided we both really enjoy it so whenever we travel we always make sure to find a mini golf course to try out.  Again, this is something we can do with our children as they get older.




Activities don’t have to be anything big or special. Find something that is wholesome, lifts each of you up, and that you enjoy and it will bring you closer together as a couple. I encourage every couple to find at least one thing they can do together to build their relationship. If you aren’t sure what to do start trying different activities out. Make a bucket list and start finding things you enjoy doing together. Below I will post a list of fun activities I think couples could do for wholesome recreation.

  1. See a play
  2. Go on a picnic
  3. Go to a museum
  4. Play games
  5. Read the same book and talk about it
  6. Go on a trip
  7. Bake goodies and eat them until you are both sick
  8. Take a painting class
  9. Go for a walk
  10. Do a puzzle

What are some things you want to start doing with your spouse??




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